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We struggled for a while to figure out exactly how to engage advertisers. We kept researching what "everyone" else was doing. What we found was very little up front information. Then we remembered, we do not like to do things like everyone else. So we made it easy. You can actually just buy an ad right here, right now. You do not have to talk to anyone, you do not have to wonder about pricing and format, it is all laid out.


These ads will be of a style that befits the show. Either in the form of a conversation between hosts mid-show or placed in the intro or outro of the episode. We produce our content, so that decision is left up to us. You can however provide talking points, a web address, and relative social media handles. Typically these ads will be no less than 15 secs and no more than 30 secs. This does not entitle you to any editorial control of the episode or its content. All ads are subject to acceptance and approval of the shows producers. If we have an issue with your ad we will contact you and try and work it out, or gladly refund your money.

ADvantages of our advertisement

  • new media

    • MHM is dedicated to the next generation of media formats. Podcasts, Live Streaming, On-Demand Video Series, and any emerging format we can get our hands on.
    • New formats reach new audiences.
    • New media formats are all in the top of the charts in terms of fastest growing media segments, with Podcasts reigning king.
    • Podcast listeners grew 23% from 2015 to 2016 and currently 21% of the people in the United States listen to podcasts, thats more than listen to Spotify!
  • Priced to DISRUPT

    • Prices are low and per episode, with discounts for term lengths.
  • POWER OF persistance 

    • Once your ad is in an episode it will stay there...forever. That means when we continue to bring on new listeners or viewers and they consume any of the back catalogue your ad will live on and continue to reach more people. 
  • You have control

    • Through our site you have the ability to schedule ads and see availability first hand.
    • Reschedule or cancel with ease. Some restrictions do apply of course. We'll go over that before you check out.


Wonder what kind of response you'll get without a huge commitment? We are actually curious too. So here you can buy a one-time ad on any show. If you have bought a pack, this is where you can redeem your ads as well! You can also just check availability.

not afraid of commitment...are you?

Of course not, cause you're an adult. You know what adults are? Fiscally responsible by doing things like saving money on buying in bulk.

These packs give you 2 ads a month for each month of the pack. The longer the term the bigger the discount!

These packs are not limited to any one show. You may schedule any of your ads on any show.

Before buying use the calendar to the left to check availability of the shows.