Episode 97 - World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day. We’re trying to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS in Oklahoma through several events throughout the week and culminating on Thursday, Dec. 1st. We’d like to share some stories, dispel some myths, and help OKC remember why AIDS is still an important health issue facing out state.

Episode 96 - Cookie's Thanksgiving

Mary Arbuckle of Other Options and Aly Branstetter of Sunnyside Diner join us in studio to discuss Cookie’s Thanksgiving, an annual meal delivery that serves families affected by HIV/AIDS in OKC.

Episode 95 - Nick Sconce and "The Hatchet Women"

Local author Nick Sconce joins us in studio to give us details and insight into his newest novel, "The Hatchet Women," which takes a glimpse into the seedier elements of corporate-culture domination and the team of four women determined to fight back against it.

Episode 94 - Sasquatch!

We’re joined in studio by Rep. Jason Dunnington and contest winner Trina Morrison. We try out some new local spirits and take a stab at talking politics, schools, and state questions.

Episode 93 - Superhero Beer Brunch

We’re joined in studio by Evan Smith, Zac Smith, and Justin Wright of Vanessa House Beer Co., Micah Andrews of Oak & Ore, and Jodi Marquez of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - OKC Chapter. Vanessa House Beer Co. is teaming up with Oak & Ore in the Plaza District on a Superhero Themed Beer Brunch to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. There will be special brews on tab in collaboration with Coffee Slingers, free bacon for folks who dress as superheroes, cool raffle prizes, and maybe an appearance by Jedi OKC.

Episode 92 - Urban Farming

Elia Woods and volunteers JoBeth Hamon of CommonWealth Urban Farms and volunteer Isaias Santillan of Closer to Earth join us in studio to discuss a recent donation they received from Thunder player Kyle Singler to build a new hoop house and their upcoming celebration “Hoopalooza.” Plus, learn more about their CSA and composting efforts that power their efforts toward sustainable urban agriculture.

Episode 91 - Moonlark Mysteries

Caleb McCoy of Moonlark Mysteries joins us in studio to tell us about an interactive scavenger-hunt encompassing six of OKC’s most popular districts. It’s free, it’s intriguing, it’s fun, and you could end up with $1,000 grand prize. Plus, use the new mobile app to host the home version of his Moonlark Mystery Dinners.

Episode 90 - Wine with Sommelier Ian Bennett

Ian Bennett joins us in studio to talk about wine and breaks down the barriers of how to approach a bottle and how to find what you like best. We drop some mad pop-culture references and psychology in this episode to help you find a bottle you’ll enjoy.

Episode 89 - As Told By OKC

Chad and Chelsea join us in studio to discuss how they are using their local blog and social media presence @astoldbyokc to curate the relationship between OKC and its people. They bring us our first Vanessa House beer to help fuel this romp through the OKC adventure life. Join us as we palaver with our fellow Urban Adventurers and learn how these two came to embark on their journey.

Episode 88 - RTZ Sports

RTZ esports Arena - Arnold and Holly of RTZ esports Arena join us in studio to discuss their new indoor arena for hardcore gamers and novices alike and how to they’re collaborating with OKC improv geniuses such as Kristy Boone to add some live entertainment into the mix. Plus, pinball!

Episode 85 - Burned Out in OKC

Listen to our squealing tires as we lay one down about feeling burned-out in OKC after a scorching summer. We take some time out to vent our frustrations and spout half-truths about topics with which we’re vaguely familiar, commit tin-hat conjecturing about politics we wish we understood, and spew some not necessarily justified grumpiness.

Episode 84 - Novello + Steele

Josh McVey joins us in studio to discuss his new venture, Novello + Steele, a local ready-to-assemble hand-made furniture company with a mid-century modern flair. Josh gives us insight into the inspiration for his company and then we digress into literature and politics.

Episode 83 - Savings & Loan Co.

Scott Marsh and Alex Larrea join us to chat about their new bar Savings & Loan Co and their line of craft cocktails served within a uniquely curated space. Then stick around for ghost stories and updates on the future of the Tower Theatre. 

Episode 82 - The Akers of OKC

WAFTI Show super-fans and philanthropy super-heroes T.S. and Aeriel Akers join us in studio to give us insight into their philanthropic activities in OKC. Aeriel sits on the board for the Moderns young professionals group at OKCMOA and T.S. serves as Curator of Masonic Collections at the McAlester Scottish Rite Temple.

Episode 81 - Vanessa House Beer Company

We’re joined in studio by Andrew, Justin, and Evan, the team behind brewery-in-planning Vanessa House Beer Co., to discuss what it takes to start a brewery, how to name a beer, and to learn the story behind the real Vanessa.

Episode 80 - Pókemon GO'ing with Okie Geek Podcast

What happens when geek culture collides with urban adventuring? Pokemon GO! In this cross-over episode with one of our favorite local podcasts, Okie Geek Podcast, Michael Cross, Aidan Cross, and Devon Green join us in studio to discuss the joys and criticisms of the newest craze to sweep the globe.

Episode 79 - The Return from Vacation

After taking a week off to celebrate our country with alcohol and explosives, we return to review our most recent adventures and get back to the task of planning future shenanigans and projects:  48 Hour Film, The Tower Theatre opening, and many more.

Episode 78 - Singin’ the Blues with Little Joe McLerran

Fresh off his sweltering performance at the Bricktown Blues Fest, Little Joe McLerran, along with his neighbor Pete, join us in studio to discuss blues legends, the origins of his name, his travels in South America, and what it was like to play the first live concert in nearly a century in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Plus, special guests Rob and April Crissinger!