Third Presidential Debate Watch Party

 Craig Johnston

Craig Johnston

 Amanda McClain-Snipes

Amanda McClain-Snipes

Episode 51 - We interview attorney Craig Johnston before the debate began and then interviewed Amanda McClain-Snipes afterward. Both had some interesting and thoughtful insights on the candidates and the process. Thanks to Cathy and Sean Cummings for hosting the event at their restaurant, Vito's.

Sandino Thompson - Guest on episode 1, now 50! What has changed?

Episode 50 - Sandino was our guest in episode one and now is back to check in at episode 50! We discuss what has changed - or maybe not changed - in a year when it comes to Maps for Neighborhoods and neighborhood issues in OKC. He is deeply involved in two organizations that help people to improve their lives and shape their communities in positive ways as the Director of Urban Services at Public Strategies consulting firm and the executive director of It's My Community Initiative that works to strengthen families and develop workforce programs across the state.

Cyndi Munson - Back into the neighborhoods of HD85

Episode 49 - We visit with Cyndi once again almost a year later than her appearance on Intersections the first time. Then, she was only the second guest we had and she had completed a successful campaign to win the seat for Oklahoma House District 85 after the unfortunate death of long-time legislator David Dank. Because that was mid-term, she has been campaigning for that seat once more, this time in the regular two-year cycle. We explore the main questions around what happens to the dynamic between legislator and constituency when the legislator has been on that many doorsteps that many times in a few years.

Ziva Branstetter - Editor, investigative reporter, muckraker

Episode 48 - In April, Ziva and reporting partner Cary Aspinwall were named finalists for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in Local Reporting for their coverage in the Tulsa World of Oklahoma’s botched execution of Clayton Lockett. The same day they heard that news, they joined with Dylan Goforth and Kevin Canfield to begin working on The Frontier, an online news startup in Tulsa. Ziva is the Editor in Chief and is a staff writer.

Paxton Cavin - Elementary Art Teacher, OKC Public Schools

Episode 47
In her third year teaching Art at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary in Oklahoma City Public Schools, Paxton is starting to see the value of longevity and continuity in teaching. We talk about that and about the things students learn from art beyond the mechanics of pencil to paper.

Matt Chandler - Developer - Code for OKC

Episode 46 - Computer code developers have volunteered their time and knowledge to bring greater transparency to city governments across the U.S. Code for OKC is a group of like-minded code developers who are working to make the budget of Oklahoma City much more useable for people who are not used to looking at massive city budget data. Matt tells us about the process and their progress.

Doug Sorocco - Unique lawyer in a unique law firm

Episode 45 - Most ordinary people might recognize the name "DC on Film Row" as that cool, intimate outdoor music and party venue on the east end of the Film Row district. But "DC" stands for Dunlop Codding, the law firm that lends that space to the community. The firm protects intellectual properties, a unique, specialized part of federal law. And Doug is one of the unique principal partners.

Matt Payne - Television and travel writer, teacher

Episode 44 - Matt spent considerable time as a screenwriter in the rarefied environment of the Los Angeles television and film industries. Now he has moved back to Oklahoma to pursue a new life with his wife after their recent marriage and to pursue his expanding travel writing career. He brings a wealth of experience to a new project called The Point, a writers workshop in Oklahoma City with classes beginning this fall. For information go to

Angela Clark Little - Mom, public school advocate, political target

Episode 43 - Nearly 40 episodes after Angela was our guest the first time, we talk about the progression of her public school advocacy into electoral politics. Leading up to the primaries in June, she formed a Facebook group that promotes candidates for the Oklahoma Legislature who openly and passionately support public schools. It got her far more public attention than she sought, becoming the political target of one of the candidates in the primary runoffs recently ended in this week.

Brian Winkeler - brand and comic book creative

Episode 42 - As the principle partner of Robot House Creative, Brian leads two other members of his firm in developing brands for the boutique firm's clients. But also, he is the writer for a comic book series that is now available in bookstores and Amazon. We talk about all of that and compare his boutique shop to the Mad-Men television series type of big ad firm.

Dallas Koehn - public school teacher, lightning rod

Episode 41 - Dallas has been willing to engage in the regular push and pull of social media squabbles over education politics in Oklahoma. His blog "Blue Cereal Education" has often made the thick-skinned teacher a lightning rod of criticism. But the intensity of criticism directed at Dallas and other education bloggers increased when a group of teachers and a few parents pushed particular candidates for public office, offending some who think that teachers should stay in the political background.

Dennis Spielman - Filmmaker

Episode 40 - This episode was recorded and first published between the end of the Oklahoma City 48 Hour Film Project and the showing of the finished products on the following Sunday. I talk with Dennis, one of the entrants, about that short-deadline, high-pressure process and what it takes to produce a good product in such a short time. We also talk about the two movies that each of us share on our list of all-time favorites.

Tommy Yi - Champion of tech coworking spaces in OkC

Episode 39 - First was the Unconference which led to OKC CoCo coworking space. Then came the 404 coworking space. Now, Tommy is once again in on another ground floor development of a new coworking space. This one is called StarSpace46. We talk about the opportunities that these coworking spaces have offered especially to startups and the tech community in Oklahoma City.

Bonus Episode - "The fierce women of #OklaEd"

Episode 38 - #OklaEd has become a rally hashtag for many different people and groups who support public and publicly funded education in Oklahoma. Starting out as a joke, fierce women of #OklaEd turned into a social gathering of like-minded teachers and administrators from around the state. These are the interviews that I caught on that first evening they met at The Mule in Oklahoma City, an always noisy place.

Photo gallery L to R: Aspasia Carlson, Christine Paradise, Claudia Swisher, Erin Barnes, Jennifer Williams, Kimberly Blodgett  (photos by Brett Dickerson)

Catherine Lippert - Code Developer, collaborator

Episode 37 - The solitary computer coder alone in a room is just not how code is developed any more. Instead, according to Catherine, it is a collaborative, team effort that takes strong communication and social skills. She tells us about working for a company that values kindness and what it means to be a woman in a previously male dominated line of work.

Tamya Cox - Black Lives Matter activist

Episode 36 - The Black Lives Matter Rally in Oklahoma City on Sunday, July 10 was a positive experience for all of Oklahoma City. People at the rally were peaceful and passionate. The police connected with the crowd in a positive way. Tamya Cox was one of the speakers whose words did much to make it a strong rally. In this episode we dig deeper into the main points of her speech.

Jack Fowler - visual artist, writer, radio talent

Episode 35 - Some people know Jack Fowler as that guy who has a show on KOSU's The Spy on Sunday evenings. Others admire his paintings and are getting excited about the huge octopus mural that he is preparing to put on the side of a building in Bricktown. Yet, others know him as one of the writers for the Oklahoma Gazette. We talk about all of that in this episode!

Forrest Bennett - Door to door politics in HD 92

Episode 34 - He's seen a shooting and had his car stolen. Forrest Bennett is still knocking doors and getting to know people in Oklahoma House District 92 which cuts across almost 10 major neighborhoods on the south and near north sides of Oklahoma City. This is what he's talking about.

Tracey Zeeck - Growing a PR firm from one

Episode 33 - Maybe Bumbershoot PR firm takes different paths because that's what founder Tracey Zeeck does. Starting at a small desk in her bedroom at home, she has developed a firm with four full-time people, each carrying out multiple tasks to help a unique assortment of people and organizations reach their goals.

Kim Haywood - How to make deadCENTER film festival happen

Episode 32 - The 16th deadCENTER Film Festival just wrapped up their 16th festival. While using hundreds of dedicated volunteers, the festival's staff is made up of only 4 people. As Director of Programing and Education, Kim Haywood is one of those. I talk with her about how this year's dC went and how they put together such a big event each year.