The One Where We Celebrate Thanksgiving

The girls invite Maddie Gregory from Thirst Wine Merchants back on the show to discuss Amy's favorite holiday! Maddie is armed with advice on which kinds of wine to bring to your holiday gatherings.

The One Where We Talk Cookie's Thanksgiving

The girls invite Mary Arbuckle of Other Options and Aly Branstetter from Sunnyside Diner on to the show to discuss the 17th annual Cookie's Thanksgiving. 1,250 full meals will be prepped, delivered and served to families and individuals affected by AIDS/HIV on Thanksgiving Day in Oklahoma City. Learn more about this amazing cause, how you can help and a little bit more about Other Options and Sunnyside Diner.

The One Where We Talk Election Day

The girls meet for breakfast on Election Day and discuss voting, eating and their various thoughts on the day. Amy reveals that she did something completely out of character on a date, Stephanie talks about a possible Election Day dream she had and Rachael and Amy discover they went on a date with the same guy a week apart.  

The One Where We Keep It Local From The Wheeler Ferris Wheel

The girls record an entire episode while riding the Ferris wheel in the Wheeler District. Guests Corrie Matchel with Keep It Local and The Bubble show producer and Ferris Wheel master Stephen Tyler discuss date nights and other romantic endeavors at the ride. Corrie tells us some great date locations at Keep It Local businesses. Spoiler alert, they ride for a full hour and no one tosses their cookies, er, rosé.


The One Where We Talk About Sexy & Not Sexy Times

We invite Micki Bell back onto the show to talk about making a sexy time playlist, more unsolicited dick pics and a new Prairie Artisan Ales brew. We talk about Rachael getting sexually harassed in a bar and Amy going on a couple of nice dates.

The One Where Amy Tells Her First Kiss Story

The girls talk Halloween and scary clowns before hopping into their magical time machine and reliving Amy's first (hilariously awkward) kiss. Rachael explores new dating options outside the bubble and Stephanie ponders her own romantic comedy scenario in a foreign country.

The One Where We Talk To A Brave Girl

The ladies talk to Jamie, a friend who recently decided to call off her engagement and impending wedding a month before the big day. Discussions about making the decision to be happy without a significant other, to not go into a legally binding agreement you're unsure of and talk about the stigma surrounding a person who makes that personal decision.


The One Where We Talk About Rachael

Despite her best efforts to dissuade the girls from talking about it, Amy and Steph have some advice for newly single (again) Rachael and the rules of dating. Stephanie heads off to LA for Podfest and Amy regales us with her traveling woes.

The One Where We Talk Too Much

The girls reconvene after a summer break to discuss all the ways they've been adulting. Amy talks marriage and Thanksgiving. Stephanie talks festivals and buying a house. Rachael talks being a minimalist and her love of Christmas.

The One Where We Talk To AMP Fest

The girls invite AMP Fest organizers Tobi and Justin on to the show to talk about the inaugural women-centric music and art festival. Learn more about the music and vendors you can find and about why this event is important to the bubble!

The One Where We Take A Summer Break

The girls discuss summer and traveling. They talk about some dating triumphs and fails and also about new Mostly Harmless Media podcast Grounded Sounds. Savor it while you can, they're taking a two week summer break!

The One Where We Talk Food With The OKC Over Easy Podcast

The girls invite Mallory from the OKC OVER EASY podcast on to discuss her podcast, the grocery gauntlet and best places to take your various Tinder dates for a meal in the bubble. Okay so they also talked more Pokémon GO and try to eat vodka bubbles.

The One Where We Talk Unsolicited D*ck Pics

The girls sit down to discuss recent events: one of them received an unsolicited picture for the first time, one talks about being harassed, the Black Lives Matter rally is discussed and to lighten the mood, the girls talk Pokémon Go. Or rather, Stephanie won't stop talking about it.

The One Where We Get Crazy With Tea

The girls invite Kristy Jennings onto the show from t, an urban tea house. Kristy brings some matcha to mix into their typical bubbles and things get a little crazy. Fair warning, they talk dating in Oklahoma City and poop stories, again.

The One Where Stephanie Joins JDate

The girls record from the new Tower Studio where they review their time at deadCenter, Amy's frustrating time in Denver with men, Rachael's British car buying experiences, and Stephanie's adventures in dating apps. She gets a message from the Jewish dating app JDate as they're recording and she contemplates paying for the service.